Nutrients for Life Foundation Website Is Great for Teachers and Students

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September 30, 2019
The Building Blocks of Healthy Crops
December 3, 2019

More and more teachers and schools are including lessons on agriculture and sustainability in their curriculums. Now there is an excellent resource for teachers and students on fertilizer and plant nutrition. The Nutrients for Life Foundation has a website with a variety of activities, games, articles, and more for teachers and students to use. You can find it at

Putting Education Within Reach
For teachers, there are curriculum, lesson plans, and teaching resources for elementary, middle school, and high school. Posters illustrate aspects of plant nutrition using relatable topics, like apples and soccer, to teach children about how things in the world around them come to be. There are books to read with students and board games to play, and even a set of recipe cards to help drive home how important fertilizer is in creating the foods we love to eat. Kids will learn about nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, and how it is responsible for 50 percent of our food.

Florida teachers can contact Tracy Baxter, Florida’s Regional Representative for the Nutrients for Life Foundation, at [email protected].

For students, there are fun games to bring to life the concepts of plant nutrition. Students can simulate growing corn, making sure to give their crops the proper amounts of water, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to produce a bountiful yield. They can investigate the water quality challenges of Lake Erie, helping farmers and researchers develop strategies to protect the water quality. There are fact sheets to help break down the facts about nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium into easily understood concepts. Students and parents will enjoy learning about the necessity of fertilizer in modern agriculture, and the 4Rs of good nutrient stewardship – the Right source, at the Right time, in the Right rate, in the Right place.

The Nutrients for Life Foundation is a worldwide organization that develops and distributes science-based materials to educate people on topics such as plant nutrient literacy, soil health, and the role fertilizer plays in sustaining a growing population.

To learn more about Nutrients for Life Foundation or for educational materials, go to

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