Nutrients For Life – In the Classroom

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March 16, 2020

See the value of the Nutrients for Life Foundation’s efforts in our country’s classrooms

“Very few students understand what goes into growing their food and how much science there is in just producing an ear of corn,” shared Debra Kearney, a Regional Representative for the Nutrients for Life Foundation in a video about the company’s work in bringing information about nutrients to the classroom. The Nutrients for Life Foundation (NFLF) is a global nonprofit organization that “provides credible soil science and fertilizer education to teach tomorrow’s leaders the importance of fertilizer in feeding our ever-growing world population.” Explore the importance of the NFLF’s work in educating the country’s students concerning the important role nutrients play.

Nutrients For Life In the Classroom

The Nutrients for Life Foundation provides educators with teaching resources, reaching over five million students a year. Students learn about fertilizers and the science behind the nutrients needed to grow healthy crops. 

Students also explore the need for problem-solving skills and gain a greater understanding of global agriculture. According to the teachers and educators interviewed in the video, the value of the quality lesson plans provided by the NFLF is priceless. Engaging and offering a hand-on approach, the lesson plans not only reach those students who are interested in farming but also explain about the numerous career opportunities available in the ag industry that align with students’ other interests, such as engineering, computer science, and marketing. You can watch the video here.

The FFAA knows the value of educating and empowering the next generation of farmers and leaders in the ag industry.

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