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March 9, 2020
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April 10, 2020

Learn about the Florida growers who have earned the coveted title of “4R Advocate” through their use of the 4Rs and their commitment to the environment.

Every year, The Fertilizer Institute recognizes five grower/retailer pairs from all over the country as 4R Advocates who “have demonstrated implementation of innovative and sustainable 4R fertilizer management practices on the farm to increase agriculture production while reducing environmental impact.” The 4Rs refer to the practice of using the Right fertilizer source at the Right rate, at the Right time, and in the Right place in order to increase production, boost profitability, improve environmental protection, and to enhance sustainability. To date, five different Florida ag operations have been honored with the title of 4R Advocate.  Meet them below.

Florida 4R Advocates

  • 2020 –John Hundley and Eric Hopkins of Hundley Farms, Belle Glade, Fla turned the 4R Nutrient Stewardship principles into practice, yielding economic and environmental benefits on their farms.
  • 2019- Dustin Grooms of Fancy Farms. Some of the 4R-aligned practices used by the strawberry farm include soil and plant-tissue testing, variable-rate nutrient applications, and using in-season nitrogen management tools.
  • 2018- Glen and Mark Beck of Beck Brothers Citrus. Inc. A sample of the practices that align with the 4Rs used in the grove include utilizing variable-rate nutrient applications, use of soil and leaf nutrient testing to evaluate and adjust fertilization programs, the use of GPS-precision planting and nutrient applications.
  • 2017- Gary Reeder of West Coast Tomato. A few 4R-aligned practices used by the farm include taking soil samples to guide nutrient usage, incorporating starter fertilizer into the plant bed before planting so it is available for seedlings, and using seep irrigation to apply prescribed nutrients into the plant beds where plants will best take them up.
  • 2013- Alan Jones of Jones Potato Farm. Some of the practices the farm utilizes that align with the 4Rs include the use of soil testing to adjust nutrients applied to the plants, using multiple nutrient sources rather than a single form, and using precision banding dry fertilizer applications to place the nutrients where the plant can best use it.

The FFAA congratulates these Florida 4R Advocates for their dedication to the 4Rs and the environment.

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